YouTube Space Lab competition

When YouTube needed robust educational expertise and in-depth knowledge of the space sector, they hired members of the Imperative Space team, through GovEd Communications, to help design their global Space Lab competition.

YouTube Space lab is an international competition for school children aged 14 to 18 to design experiments to be flown to the International Space Station. Developed in conjunction with NASA, ESA, JAXA and Space Adventures, it aims to provide both inspiration and in-depth educational value for teachers and pupils around the world.

Our team provided research, advice, and expertise in the following areas: - Bench-marking against existing space-related educational resources and previous space-related competitions - Identifying potential partner organisations around the world and the different roles they could play in supporting the project - Methods of engaging with schools, teachers, and students - Educational themes and curriculum topics relating to space science - Structure of the YouTube Space Lab channel and accompanying educational resources - Educational legacy of the competition - Competition timing, based on educational considerations in schools around the world

In YouTube's own words, we "helped shape the overall thinking of the project".

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Competition update - April 2012:

The young winners of the YouTube Space Lab global science and engineering competition have now been announced.

Please see our News section for further information.

Details of the winning entries and the winners' experiences can be viewed here:

Competition update - September 2012:

The winning experiments of the YouTube Space Lab competition have been flown to the International Space Station, and conducted successfully by astronauts in orbit. A special live programme to mark the culmination of the Space Lab competition has also been streamed around the world, featuring a live link-up with ISS astronauts.

Further details and videos can be viewed here:

PROJECT UPDATE - December 2013

The original YouTube Space Lab competition website has now been taken down, following completion of the project, but further information and a library of video clips can be found at the links above.